Continuing a five decades family tradition of construction companies, Ali Moghadam established Almo Construction in 1999. Ali’s high standards for excellence, attention to details and customer satisfaction has made Almo Construction one of the leaders in industry in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company has expanded and diversified in different areas including construction, design and property development.

As an owner’s representative, Almo Construction Inc. ensures that you receive value, service and satisfaction at reasonable pricing. You will be guided from development to design and construction-all under one roof-for substantially less than you would pay for each service separately. The cost savings and value creation are passed on to you.

As accomplished residential and commercial developer, Almo Construction Inc. offers a range of technical and construction expertise and professionalism unparalleled in the comparable size construction companies in the San Francisco bay area. Almo Construction Inc. knows the issues, neighborhood concerns, city approval processes, and has the right professional staff to get the job done.

Almo Construction Inc. full-service approach allows clients to become as involved as their time or desire permits, while resting assured that Almo Construction Inc. will uphold their final vision and goals through to the end.





We believe in honesty and give our undivided attention to completing and delivering a quality product within schedule and budget.


A project manager is assigned to every single project. The project manager will establish channels of communications with the client and will ensure a seamless collaboration between Almo Construction all team members and stake holders.


Almo’s approach to every project is based on the principle that successful delivery of the project depends on collaboration and team work between Almo, the client and the entire design team.


Almo Construction team of professionals with experience in construction and engineering of various types of structures enables Almo to complete projects with highest standards of excellence in quality and project delivery.



Ali Moghadam – CEO, President

Ali Moghadam brings 20 years of experience in construction and management of various residential and commercial projects. His experience and expertise provide significant value to his clients in developing construction concepts and providing value detailing and cost analysis information for the construction of new structures as well as addition, modification, rehabilitation and retrofit of existing homes.

Ali has managed large and complex construction projects requiring integration and coordination of the work of multiple design and construction professionals. He specializes in design and construction management, concept development, cost and value analysis. He also has developed contacts with a large network of professional architects, engineers, designers, and builders.

Kioanoush Harirsaz, PE – Principal Manager

Kianoush Harirsaz is a licensed professional engineer and has over 33 years of experience in structural engineering, construction support, multi project team management, construction management, budget and schedule management for various projects, including new residential buildings, existing building additionS, existing building modifications, new commercial buildings, existing commercial and institutional building retrofit and modifications, and major retaining walls. Kianoush is familiar with variouse constrction methods and can design and mange the most efficient construction procedures for variouse structures ranging from residential buildings to multi unit building complexes as well as commenrcial and instituitional buildings.

Marcial Banuelos – Senior Construction/Labor manager

Marcial has over 25 years of hands on experience in different construction methods and detailing. He is aware and skilled in all construction sequences various and is responsible to supervise all subcontractor work as well as construction work performed by Almo employees to assure quality detailing and finish.
He is known to ask the subcontractors to demolish their work and re-do it to match Almo construction quality standards.